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AD Architectural Digest to be launched in India in March 2012

The bi-monthly magazine will be priced at Rs 100.

Condé Nast, the US-based publishing house, is gearing up to launch its fourth title, AD Architectural Digest, in India. The other three titles currently playing in the Indian market from the Condé Nast stable are Vogue, GQ and Condé Nast Traveller.

AD Architectural Digest India is the ninth edition of the magazine, and is scheduled to be launched in March 2012. The magazine will focus on luxury design and architecture, targetted at refined home owners planning luxurious spaces. It will be priced at Rs 100.

AD Architectural Digest to be launched in India in March 2012
Oona Dhabhar, marketing director, Conde Nast India tells afaqs! in an email statement, "As with Vogue, GQ and Condé Nast Traveller, we will ensure that we create a title that appeals to the affluent and style conscious Indian audience."

The bi-monthly will set up a complete editorial team in India, to be led by Manju Sara Rajan, features editor, Vogue India.

The magazine will have access to content from other ADs across the world. "However, the aim will be to create a product that talks to the Indian reader -- whether that requires us to create it here or access what is available across the different countries," Dhabhar adds.

The magazine will be distributed across the top 20-25 towns in the country, with particular focus on chain bookstores such as Crossword, Oxford and Landmark. "We will continue to work with the Living Media Group, the distribution arm of the India Today group, for the distribution of all our titles," informs Dhabhar.

AD Architectural Digest India's marketing plans will include alliances and promotions with key influencers across industries and channels, activations, events, an innovative subscription drive, experiential and interactive brand building initiatives, and sustained PR efforts across all media.

"AD India's target group will include new home buyers setting out to decorate and existing home owners looking to renovate. A second segment of readers will include key trade influencers such as architects and designers; and finally, readers who are passionate about design and home décor," Dhabhar adds.

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