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Zee News honours unsung heroes

This year, Ananya Samman honoured the unsung heroes who fought during the attack on the Indian Parliament.

On the completion of 10 years of the attack on the Indian Parliament, Zee News held Ananya Samman on December 13, in order to pay tribute to the heroes who had fought the attackers. The one-hour event will be telecast on Zee News on December 25, at 10pm.

Zee News honours unsung heroes
Ananya Samman was planned in 2008, in the backdrop of the Mumbai attacks, in order to show gratitude to the heroes who risk their lives to save others. The event is based on the channel's belief that the country's security depends on those who remain unknown. The channel organises this event every year, in an effort to give recognition to the unsung heroes who have offered exemplary service to the nation in different arenas.

Each year, the awards are based on different themes. In 2010, it honoured those who battled with terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir and protected India's borders, while in 2008, the Ananya Samman awards were given to the NSG commandos and their families , CST announcer Vishnu Zende, and many more personnel from various fields, who made an effort to save and help others without thinking about themselves.

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