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92.7 Big FM introduces travelogue format in radio

With Big Chhutti, a show specially conceptualised for the summer months, the radio station takes its listeners to exotic tourist spots, offering the audience an experience of the location on radio.

With the summer season setting in across the country, 92.7 Big FM has a unique new concept to offer its listeners, designed particularly for the season. Announcing a new show, Big Chhutti, the radio station introduces the travelogue format, so far popularised on television, into radio content.

92.7 Big FM introduces travelogue format in radio
The show will offer its audience an experience of various tourist spots in India that one wishes to vacation at. Dedicated to listeners who wish to holiday in hill stations, Big Chhutti will have a radio jockey travel to destinations such as Nainital, Mussoorie, Kasauni, Jim Corbett, Ranikhet, Dhanaulti, Dehradun and Haridwar, among others and offer first-hand experiences of the destinations. The locations have particularly been chosen as ones that are much sought after as summer holiday destinations.

The show will detail various attractions of a particular place, along with accommodation, food, transport and shopping options.

To continue through the month of May, Big Chhutti will be aired in the mid-morning band across 11 stations of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand.

On the new show, a company spokesperson says in a press statement, "It is a pleasure to organise a travel show on radio, which not only caters to those deprived of travelling during vacations but also enables would-be travellers to plan their holidays rationally. Radio is a local medium and this is part of our endeavour to offer audiences an opportunity to enjoy a varied platter of content that makes for relevance to audiences of the region."

According to the spokesperson, the show will also offer marketers, particularly of travel and electronic brands, an opportunity to connect with a relevant audience base.

The station has tied up with Madhya Pradesh's Lotus Electronics for the show.

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