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Pepe Chickas go on air to promote digital contest

Radio One has created Pepe Chickas, a gang of girls who engage the male audience on-air to participate in a contest on Facebook.

Radio One 94.3 FM has started a unique activity on radio to promote Pepe Jeans' latest campaign, 'Are You Pepe?' on its Facebook page.

Pepe Chickas go on air to promote digital contest
The activity involves an imaginary gang of girls - The Pepe Chickas - who are brought in from London, speak with a British accent, and have personalities to reflect the international flavour of the Pepe brand. The idea is to generate an audience for the Pepe Jeans digital contest on the social media platform.

The Pepe Chickas gang of girls comes on the radio station everyday at a particular time and engages male listeners to become their Pepe guy. The listeners are required to go to the Facebook page, register themselves and participate in the contest, wherein the winners who meet certain criteria will get to travel to London.

Vineet Singh Hukmani, managing director, Radio One, says, "The main objective is to increase the number of people to participate in the contest on the Facebook page as well as promote the 'Are You Pepe' campaign digitally. Being an international radio station, we have no duplication in audience and we have generated a huge crowd pull towards the Facebook page within just 10 days across two cities."

In an official communiqué, Neha Shah, marketing head, Pepe Jeans India, says, "Radio One came up with the innovative Pepe Chickas for our promotion 'Are You Pepe?' and to drive people to our India Facebook page. It replicated our entire online contest on Radio One and synchronised it seamlessly. The medium worked as it matched our target group, the English-speaking audience who are cool and confident."

The ongoing activity started 10 days ago and will continue for one month across Delhi and Mumbai. And within 10 days the Pepe Jeans Facebook page received 1,50,000 likes.

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