Nisha Menon

Emvies 2012: Frisky magic

DDB Mudra presented a case study titled 'The Magic Frisk' devised for Big Bazaar to promote its discount offer scheme.

DDB Mudra presented a case study on how it devised a campaign to create a differentiator for the Big Bazaar discount offers at the case study presentation in the Best Media Innovation - Ambient Media category at Emvies 2012.

Emvies 2012: Frisky magic
Retail store chain Big Bazaar wanted to do something different to introduce its discount offers to shoppers in April, 2012. Instead of regular methods to announce offers, the brand's media agency DDB Mudra was given the task of coming up with a strategy to make Big Bazaar's discount offer stand out. The agency came up with the idea of creating a differentiator by way of an experience.

Visitors to any mall are required to go through a routine security check. The security is taken even more seriously after the 26/11 attacks. The agency decided to put the time spent by them waiting in line to good use to communicate the message through an activity which would stick in the minds of all those who visit Big Bazaar.

The agency replaced the security guard at the bag check counter with a magician. During his magic security frisk, he pulled out objects that weren't originally in the bag. Surprised shoppers saw him pull out hardboiled eggs, bundles of dollars, gold coins, ketchup bottles and even mops out of their purses and bags. While they stood there stunned, he handed out a coupon which said, 'Isn't it nice to get more than you expect? Present this coupon and get 10 per cent off on your bill'.

Four hidden cameras were placed to record the stunned reactions of the customers. These videos were uploaded on Facebook and YouTube. The videos were tagged and users were allowed to share them among their friends to ensure more people came to know about the campaign, thus increasing footfall.

According to the agency, the response was tremendous. The discount coupon utilisation rate jumped up from 15 per cent to 90 per cent.

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