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9XM offers Taal Pranaam on Ganesh Chaturthi

The music channel has shot a music video in collaboration with a band called Mumbai Stamp especially for Ganesh Chaturthi; the channel has also incorporated a QR code in the video that will help the viewer engage further while the song is being aired.

The festival season is upon us and brands are busy trying to make the best use of the time. While digital aartis and darshans are almost commonplace now, music channel 9XM has come up with a unique idea this Ganesh Chaturthi.

9XM offers Taal Pranaam on Ganesh Chaturthi
The channel has shot a special music video called Taal Pranaam, which will be doing the rounds on air through the festival. What the music channel has added is the idea of a QR code on television to engage with its viewers during the festival. One particular QR code will be displayed on the music video as it is aired.

9XM has collaborated with a band called Mumbai Stamp led by renowned percussionist Taufiq Qureshi for the video. Mumbai Stamp is an innovative band conceived and formed by Qureshi; the band puts to use trash material creatively to make music. Led by Qureshi, Mumbai Stamp consists of a group of young drummers who play on waste materials like bins, cans, tin boxes and buckets.

The video that has been shot in-house by the channel and directed by Sunder Venketraman, content head, 9XM features Mumbai Stamp performing a specially-composed song for the festival.

9XM offers Taal Pranaam on Ganesh Chaturthi
As the music video is aired on the channel, the viewer needs to scan the QR code with a smartphone that will directly lead to 9XM's YouTube page on which the video is uploaded. The video can also be viewed at

Amar Tidke, senior vice-president and head of content, 9X Media Group, says, "What we wanted to do was to make the video more accessible and viral through technology, and reach out further to people on this festive occasion."

Not too long ago, the channel had produced a similar video - a cappella version of the song Maa Tujhe Salaam - in partnership with cappella group Penn Masala on Independence Day.

This time, besides keeping the flavour of the season in mind, the Taal Pranaam video also passes the message of an eco-friendly Ganesh festival (with the 'instruments' used to make music), something that has been a talking point in recent times.

Taal Pranaam first broke on 9XM's YouTube channel and Facebook page before being aired on the channel. It will be aired regularly in the next 10-12 days. The video will be heavily promoted across the group's digital communities.

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