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Jagran launches coffee table book, Devalaya

Jagran Prakashan has launched its fifth coffee table book that tells about the temples of Bihar.

After launching books on the entrepreneurs of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Punjab, Jagran Prakashan Publication has come up with another coffee table book, Devalya, which talks about the temples of Bihar.

Jagran launches coffee table book, Devalaya
The fifth in the series, the book was unveiled at a formal ceremony in Patna by A K Sinha, chief secretary of Bihar. It showcases the historical and contemporary significance of each shrine in the state and serves as a ready reference material for those who are interested in the religious and spiritual past of Bihar. Inputs from renowned experts add authenticity to the offering. Given the glorious religious history of Magadh, the book is a tribute to the spiritual sentiments of the region.

Sinha terms it a big moment for the people of Bihar. "Devalaya is slated to represent the spiritual emotions of the state which is known for its religious lineage since ancient times. It not only documents shared holy vision but also gives reason to feel proud of the economically emerging state," adds Sinha.

Jagran launches coffee table book, Devalaya
The book finds resonance not only with the religious affiliates but also with the national and international audience. Sunil Gupta, director, Jagran Prakashan, says, "Devalaya is not only a tribute to the religious ethos of Bihar but also introduces the devotional facet of the state to a larger chunk of people in and outside the country. Incidentally, we are also working to bring out the book's Hindi version for larger acceptability in this part of the country."

Devalaya shall be succeeded by a similar book on the temples of Jharkhand.

Jagran launches coffee table book, Devalaya

The launch event of Devalya was marked by a Bhajan Sandhya that involved a recital by noted vocalist Nandita Dash. It was attended by many eminent people from the Jagran group.

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