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Vigilance Desk at TAM

Ravi Ratanjankar, erstwhile assistant commissioner at Maharashtra Police, is appointed as head, vigilance and corporate risk mitigation, TAM.

TAM Media Research, the industry's centrally appointed television audience measurement cell, in a bid to further fortify its TV panel home security process, has set up a dedicated desk for vigilance, investigation and crime detection.

This desk will be chaired by Ravi Ratanjankar as head, vigilance and corporate risk mitigation. He is a President's Medal awardee and a crime investigation veteran with over 22 years' experience in this field. Ratanjankar's special role in TAM will help fortify the organisation against any potential 'vested interest parties' that are trying to break into the TAM system.

Vigilance Desk at TAM
In an official communiqué, L V Krishnan, CEO, TAM Media Research, says, "Our core service of Television Audience Measurement (TAM) has played a silent, yet central role in helping the Indian broadcast and advertising industry reach the size and stature we know of today. This has only happened because of our regular proactive measures, one of them being constant expansion and enhancement of our TV audience panel home. Today, our TV audience measurement panel covers over 225 towns and cities across urban and semi-rural markets covering all the key states of India."

"The key here is, and which a very few realise, that the complexity of such huge on-ground operations do run a risk of potential external threats. In our unrelenting focus towards quality and the need to protect the services from any type of external threat, TAM is taking further necessary steps that will ensure a deeper safeguard to the services via stronger walls of security and vigilance in the coming months and years. Ratanjankar's appointment towards this is not the end but one of the many more initiatives that the industry will see. I am very pleased to have Ravi as part of my team. We are very sure that his role and involvement will further elevate TAM to new performance benchmarks," adds Krishnan.

Ratanjankar comes with an experience of over two decades as assistant commissioner in Maharashtra Police and was leading teams in special investigations, traversing various types of investigative projects. Before joining TAM, he was with HDFC Bank and handled vigilance functions for pan-India, helping the implementation of fraud management systems. He possesses a varied array of experience and in-depth knowledge of detection, investigation, first-hand knowledge regarding working of the local police, procedure, practice of courts and legal proceedings. His repertoire of experience has been enriched by stints in the CBI, Mumbai Crime Branch, various police stations in Mumbai, and combat experience in Naxalite districts.