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MSM gets started with motion pictures business

MSM Motion Pictures will co-produce small to mid-budget films.

MSM gets started with motion pictures business
MSM gets started with motion pictures business
Multi Screen Media (MSM), earlier known an SET India, which had announced its foray into the film production business in February, today announced the name and unveiled the logo of the division.

The new division, MSM Motion Pictures, will be a part of MSM and will co-produce small to mid budget films of size Rs 5-15 crore initially. The first co-production project with Eros International, 'Bajate Raho', will be released on July 26.

MSM Motion Pictures has three more films in the pipeline, including a romantic comedy and a horror. The motion pictures business will be headed by MSM CEO Man Jit Singh and MSM COO NP Singh.

The company aims to expand its business and tap the growing movie business in India.

Man Jit Singh says, "After our successful stint in the television space, we were keen to expand our horizons and tap the growing movie business in India. We are focused to provide entertaining and engaging content by offering a combination of big as well as medium budget films that would appeal to movie audiences at large."

N P Singh adds, "We are delighted to venture into the movie business as it offers enumerable opportunities for us to co-create, produce, innovate and offer engaging and high quality content to entertain the Indian audiences."

The IPR of the movies will be held jointly. MSM is open to sell the television rights to any broadcaster and it may not necessarily be aired on its own channels.

Bajate Raho is a comedy that deals with revenge and how the act of getting back at someone can go completely awry at times, leading to hilarious consequences. It is based on the idea that there is always a wrong way to do the right thing. Directed by Shashant Shah, the movie explores the lighter, funnier side of the people of Delhi.

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