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Star Movies gears up for the telecast of 'The Bourne Festival'

The movie festival will see telecast of all titles in the Bourne series.

STAR Movies has geared up to telecast all the titles in the action thriller series - Bourne series - in 'The Bourne Festival'.

The Bourne Festival will witness the telecast of 'The Bourne Identity', 'The Bourne Supremacy', 'The Bourne Ultimatum' and the premier of the latest addition to the Bourne films, 'The Bourne Legacy' at 9 pm, from July 24 to 27, respectively.

Star Movies gears up for the telecast of 'The Bourne Festival'
Star Movies gears up for the telecast of 'The Bourne Festival'
STAR Movies has roped in ITC's Engage deo spray as the presenting sponsor, while the powered by sponsors are Standard Chartered and Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk. The associate sponsors that have come on board are Oral B, Chevrolet Enjoy, Malaysian Airlines and Mahindra & Mahindra Centuro.

According to the channel, the festival is being promoted heavily on the channel's social media platforms. It claims to have a huge fan following of about 2.2 million on Facebook and approximately 24,000 followers on Twitter. Along with the social media platform, the festival is also promoted on the channel and the other English channels of the STAR network bouquet.

The channel has been running a four-week campaign to promote the property across the social media platforms. It has created a hashtag, #bournetokill, to engage with followers on Twitter. STAR Movies has also created a tab, Bournetokill, which has all the details of the movies like the star cast, synopsis and tune-ins. The tab will go live on July 24.

The channel has also tied up with Tata Sky for the promotion of the movie festival.

Earlier, too, the channel has done special telecasts of different movie series. While 'Animation Domination' in May featured the best of animation movies and also had the premiere of Brave; 'Hollywood Legends' at 9 pm in June aired the best of legendary movies like Gladiator, Wall- E, Braveheart, King Kong and Jurassic Park. 'Too Macho' at 11 pm in June had movies like Gone in Sixty Seconds, The Darkest Hour, Battle Los Angeles, Ghost Rider and The Scorpion King.

In August, the channel will air 'Star struck @ 11pm' which will focus on "big renowned actors" in action. Movies to be showcased during this festival are Salt, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, In Time, and Johnny English.

There will also be 'Blockbusters at 9' (in August) in which the channel will air the best of Hollywood movies like Terminator 2, The Avengers, The Hulk and X Men Origins.

For the record, for a weekly thematic festival, the channel airs five movies each week (20 every month), along with premieres every week on Saturdays at 9 pm. Otherwise, in a day, STAR Movies airs 10-11 movies.

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