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Amagi helps ETV to get into Singapore

The geo-targeting company helps broadcasters to place region-specific advertisements on television channels and other media platforms.

Amagi Media Labs has entered into a partnership with ETV that enables the latter to generate custom feed for Singapore. Recently, Andhra Pradesh-based Maa TV started using Amagi Media's localisation platform to launch customised channel feeds to Singapore for Maa and Maa Movies. Eenadu Television has deployed Amagi's localisation platform at SingTel's Mio TV to generate a local feed for its premier channel, ETV Telugu, in Singapore.

Amagi helps ETV to get into Singapore
Amagi helps ETV to get into Singapore
TV networks often need to regionalise their channel feed, to either increase revenues by offering targeted ads in a country or to 'mask' specific content to comply with broadcast regulation. Even more commonly, channel feed is regularised to include regional programming to cater to local audience preference.

Creating such a customised feed has always been a challenge for TV networks with multi-country broadcast feeds, often forcing broadcasters to create a new feed using satellite or fibre. Amagi's cloud-based localised platform helps TV networks to efficiently generate the regional feed from the existing linear feed of their channels.

ETV, which broadcasts its channel in India and the US, wanted to launch the same linear feed in Singapore through its existing satellite feed. In order to comply with the broadcast regulations in Singapore, it was required to opt out two hours of programming every day on the existing feed.

"We had a requirement to replace a couple of hours of programming on every day basis for our distributor in Singapore while justifying the ROI (return on investment). Amagi's solution in terms of capabilities suited our requirement," adds K Bapineedu, vice-president, Eenadu Television.

Amagi's cloud-based localisation platform enables ETV to originate such a local feed for Singapore from the existing satellite feed by masking the prohibited content.

"Amagi has envisioned the localisation platform keeping in mind the complexities of the existing broadcast systems. The system is designed in a manner such that the content masking process works parallel to the satellite broadcast's processes and scheduling," says Srividhya S, co-founder and CTO, Amagi Media Labs.