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Bala Iyengar to be COO at Helios Media

Iyengar has been with the company since its inception in 2011.

Bala Iyengar to be COO at Helios Media
Bala Iyengar to be COO at Helios Media
Bala Iyengar to be COO at Helios Media
At the turn of its second anniversary, Helios Media has promoted Bala Iyengar as COO to handle the increasing scale of operations. The company recently expanded its operations from being an innovative ad sales solutions provider and added several allied services to its portfolio.

At the time of its inception in 2011, Iyengar was roped in as business director and led the sales vertical for Helios Media.

The company was launched with a vision to provide broadcasters with critical expertise in the areas of revenue management, brand consulting and creative development. Having worked for brands such as MTunes HD, Channel X, FoodFood and Fashion TV, the company is now looking forward to more optimised business solutions.

With so much happening in the television industry, media brands are looking for all the possible options of optimising spends. "As we move forward, our focus will be on getting into deeper partnerships with relevant platform creators to enhance the solutions we offer our clients. A TV channel is not just for TVCs anymore, and we will work with them in the overall revenue management space, going beyond traditional commercial inventory. In addition to inventory sales, we have started offering services like content syndication, custom events, celebrity management and strategic digital initiatives. To take this scale of operations forward, it's only natural that Bala steps up to take charge of our complete offering," explains Divya Radhakrishnan, founder and managing director of Helios Media.

With over 13 years of experience, Iyengar has spent a lot of time in the broadcast side of the industry and Helios was his first assignment on the agency front.

In an official communiqué, Iyengar adds, "The team has been groomed as idea generators and solutions providers who can offer expert advice on how to connect the advertiser with the audience. And this has helped us bring in the 150+ advertisers on MTunes HD, develop a market strategy for Channel X, exponentially increased the revenue base for FoodFood and set to motion the revenue agenda for FTV India. We will shape ourselves to be the go-to destination for advertisers seeking innovative ways to connect with audiences, and for channels seeking breakthrough strategies to boost revenue."

Iyengar started his career with Sony Entertainment Television, where he was zonal manager between 2000 and 2003. Later, he moved to STAR India as manager for a short stint. MTV India was his next stop where he spent two years as account director and left the company in 2005.

Zoom Entertainment Network was his next destination and he left the organization after six years as general manager. He joined Helios in 2011.

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