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NewsX dons new look; launches new shows

The channel has recently launched 'Decode India' with MJ Akbar. It will soon launch 'Ideas That Shaped Indian Democracy' with Vir Sanghvi.

NewsX, the six year old, 24-hour news channel, has donned a new look. The new look embraces the rapidly evolving needs of today's viewer and with its new features, provides viewers a clean and crisp news viewing experience. The new on-air presentation features a lively and contemporary appearance with vivid blue and red colours. The enhancements also include new type and font sizes and greater depth to images and video.

NewsX dons new look; launches new shows
NewsX dons new look; launches new shows
NewsX dons new look; launches new shows
According to the channel, the new look is in line with the channel's profile, which caters to the young, affluent and urban viewers within the SEC AB category in the 25-44 year age group.

Talking about the reason to unveil a new look for the channel, R K Arora, CEO, iTV Network, says, "Post its acquisition by ITV Network, NewsX has achieved unparalleled success. Today, it's a dominant player amongst news channels and frequently emerges as No. 1 across various parameters. We have been constantly evolving in terms of what our viewer expects from us. The new look is yet another attempt to embrace the needs of the rapidly evolving viewer; the new look is clean and crisp and offers viewers an enhanced news viewing experience."

Kartikeya Sharma, MD, iTV Network, which owns and runs NewsX, adds, "Over the last few months, NewsX has become the home of breaking news, in-depth coverage, analysis and hardcore news reporting from the ground and this is a significant new phase to build our growth story."

The new look has already been executed on-air and is now in its final stage of evolution. It will be accompanied by a promotional campaign which will be rolled out soon. The new look has been more of an integrated effort within the organisation under the advisory of experts of this domain. Meanwhile, the tagline of the channel continues to be the same -'News Not Noise'.

For the record, NewsX garnered combined 723 GVTs in the last five weeks in male SEC AB 25-44 year age group across top six metros as per TAM ratings (Weeks 5-9, 2014) provided by NewsX. The channel reaches out to the most active consumers with the maximum purchase intent thus making it the favourite amongst advertisers, the channel claims. According to NewsX, the channel emerged as the No. 1 choice of the young, urbane and the affluent in the year 2013. As per TAM data provided by the channel, in the last 26 weeks of 2013 (Weeks 27-52, 2013), NewsX garnered 4208 GVTs, the highest combined GVTs amongst all English news channels in the country, in the SEC AB 25-44 age group across top six metros.

NewsX is coming up with an exhaustive programming line up around the current political landscape leading into the most significant elections of our country. Alongside, the channel is also coming up with two shows that are based on unique concepts.

Recently, the channel launched a weekly special, 'Decode India', with noted journalist M J Akbar. In every episode of the show, the guest questions, debates, gives his opinion and probes M J Akbar on a topic of national significance. The show airs every Sunday at 10 am and 10 pm.

NewsX is soon launching another show called 'Ideas That Shaped Indian Democracy'. The show will see one of India's illustrious journalists and TV show host Vir Sanghvi take viewers through a momentous journey of rediscovery as he handpicks the biggest ideas that shaped the world's largest democracy.

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