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Stepping up for change

While Satyameva Jayate leads in shows promoting social messages, youth channels have followed with shows in quick succession. Bindass' ' Change Ayega, Hum Layenge' is another attempt.

With 12 crore new voters voting for the first time in this election, a lot has been said about the influence of the youth and their potential to bring about a change in the country. Brands, advertisers and media channels have made this segment a focal point, and launched a plethora of content around it.

Stepping up for change
Stepping up for change
Stepping up for change
While Satyameva Jayate is the leader of all shows promoting social messages, youth channels are not to be left behind either. Channel V recently launched a show called Heroes. MTV India introduced Traffic that fights human trafficking. Disney India's youth channel Bindass, after launching a social issue-based show called Halla Bol last month, has launched another show called Change Ayega, Hum Layenge.

Launched on March 15, 'Change Ayega, Hum Layenge' aims to encourage the youth to bring about a change and stand up for what is right. It follows an innovative format, a mix of hard-hitting social experiments along with light-hearted spoofs. The format of the show involves a 'social experiment' that aims to bring out the current social issues plaguing society and asking questions about them.

It covers issues pertaining to the youth, such as bullying, ragging, dowry, corruption, civic responsibilities, parental pressure, unethical and unkind behaviour with kids/old people, violence in relationships and crimes against women, amongst others.

The issues are creatively engineered into 'real life' scenarios enacted by actors in a 'real-world' set up, with real onlookers. The scenarios as well as actions, along with reactions of onlookers, are candidly captured with hidden cameras, after which the onlookers are asked reasons for their behaviour.

The issues discussed are articulated through interesting spoofs, creatively crafted by the famous spoof masters, Qtiyapa. TVF Qtiyapa has more than 370,000 YouTube subscribers and over 126,000 fans on Facebook.

There is a 360 degree marketing campaign around the show with a lot of thrust on the on-ground medium in Mumbai (about 55 sites) and Delhi (about 30 sites). Shikha Kapur, VP and head, marketing, Disney India, says, "While the main focus will be on Delhi and Mumbai, it will also be extended to other states like Punjab, Rajasthan and West Bengal. It is one of the largest campaigns for us, since it is not a show campaign but a brand campaign."

All network channels are covered through the television campaign. The channel has also tied up with more than 50 NGOs through its website,, and print, cinema and radio partners for the promotions.

The channel will also launch a mobile app which extends the brand promise.

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