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Bindass adds rom-com 'Love by Chance' to its portfolio

Hosted by Kavi Shastri, the show will feature 26 delightful love stories of couples who 'bumped' into each other and gave love a chance. The show is being produced by BOLT Media.

Did you get married to someone who you fell in love with? Or, are you with someone who you love? How did you meet that person? At a house-party, wedding, disc, temple or a restaurant? Wherever you 'bumped' into that person, in most of the cases it must have happened just by chance! Bringing together stories of such couples who just met each other and gave their love a chance, Bindass is launching a new show titled 'Love by Chance'.

Bindass adds rom-com 'Love by Chance' to its portfolio
Bindass adds rom-com 'Love by Chance' to its portfolio
Bindass adds rom-com 'Love by Chance' to its portfolio
Bindass adds rom-com 'Love by Chance' to its portfolio
The romantic comedy, Bindass' first, will showcase 26 delightful love stories inspired by real life. It is being produced by BOLT Media. Starting May 31, the show will be aired every Saturday at 7 pm.

'Love by Chance' is a very refreshing offering from the channel after some intense shows like Emotional Atyachaar, Yeh Hai Aaashiqui, Halla Bol (which is going off-air, vacating the slot for Love By Chance).

The show will be hosted by actor-comedian Kavi Shastri. As host, Shastri will play an instrumental role in introducing the characters and situations to the audiences in his characteristic way.

Indrajit Ray, executive director, content, Disney India feels that youth consume entertainment not just to get entertained but also see how they can deal with a few things in their life. "As far as issues related to youth are concerned, we constantly keep talking to our consumers, even in small towns. What we realised was that they have high aspirations but don't how to go about it, be it in professional life or personal. Love and relationship is an important aspect of their life and any content based on that resonates with them. We are continuing with our thought of showcasing something from which youth can take a cue and learn - just that this time, the treatment is different."

The show, according to Ray, will showcase how people tend to hold themselves back and don't let love blossom; instead, they should just let go and fall in love!

Love by Chance has humour as the underlying theme and the treatment of the show is more on the lines of a romantic comedy. The show will also have its own soundtrack composed by popular music director, Abhishek Arora which will add flavour to the show and capture its essence, the channel claims.

In order to promote the show, Bindass has launched a music video by Arora, which is being run on Bindass and Bollywood news channels like UTV Stars. The soundtrack and music video capture the essence of the stories from India's heartland which will be showcased on the show. The look and feel is "quintessentially Indian" and "quirky", which the youth will connect to. The music video will be pushed on Facebook with the first story of Love by Chance. The song will also be pushed for downloads.

Besides, there are promos running on the network channels, news channels and regional news channels. On the day of launch of the show, there will be ads in key dailies of the target markets (1mn+ and .1 to 1 mn markets in UP, Gujarat, PHCHP and Maharashtra).

For high reach, OOH will be used in cities with high population density. The channel will occupy key sites in 15+ towns of the target markets.

In order to increase exposure and frequency of the launch campaign, there will be promotions across Bindass social media platforms and YouTube. On Twitter, Bindass will present 'Love By Chance' stories in 140 characters. "Through the Bindass FB page/Twitter handle and Instagram account we will push out such stories which will be all about chance encounters between two people. These will be in the form of FB posts in the LBC template and further posted on Twitter. Approximately 15 such short stories will be pushed by us to generate interest and crowd source such stories. The aim is to get #LoveByChance to trend and all the tweets will be curated," the channel says.

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