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A new logo for BARC

The inspiration comes from Rubik's cube.

The Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) India has unveiled a new logo and brand visual identity as part of its build-up strategy. BARC, which is expected to roll out a television audience measurement currency by the year-end, has taken inspiration from Rubik's cube to design its new logo. The idea is to solve the puzzle that is vexing the industry.

A new logo for BARC
A new logo for BARC
Engaging every customer with robust, intelligent, solid, comprehensive, accurate, reliable, transparent and accountable processes and possibilities, BARC India's new brand identity is aiming to add that extra punch of fun and challenge to all its users, associates and partners in India and across the globe.

Partho Dasgupta, CEO of BARC India says, "It's the process of solving the puzzle which adds to the excitement and challenge of finally getting it right. Which is exactly what we want our new brand identity to reflect. The idea is to enjoy every milestone in creating history while in the process of designing, commissioning, supervising and owning India's Broadcast Audience Measurement System, which unarguably will be globally the largest and most modern system."

For the record, BARC is a joint industry body set up in 2012 to design, commission, supervise and own India's television audience measurement system. BARC is a joint venture bringing together the three key stakeholders in television audience measurement - broadcasters, advertisers and agencies. Their respective apex bodies, the Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF), the Indian Society of Advertisers (ISA) and the Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI), represent the three industries in BARC.

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