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Femina marches on

The women's magazine has launched a new campaign with its new positioning - Be Unstoppable.

Femina marches on
Femina marches on
DDB Mudra West has launched Femina's new positioning and tagline 'Be Unstoppable' across media. The new positioning celebrates the bold, optimistic women of today - women who are embracing change, rewriting the rules and overcoming obstacles. The new tagline, 'Be unstoppable', is a tribute to the spirit of the modern Indian woman.

Elaborating on how Femina has changed the game in the last five decades, Tarun Rai, CEO, Worldwide Media, says, "Our new tag line captures Femina's belief that modern Indian women have the confidence today to live their lives on their terms and achieve more." Femina intends to roll out a series of interventions throughout the year to bring alive its 'unstoppable' message.

It unveiled the new positioning and tagline through a powerful and provocative cover for its July 2014 issue titled, 'My Body, My Rules'. Going forward, Femina will also be playing up the brand thought of 'Be Unstoppable' through a thematic campaign across print and digital mediums as well as B2B ads.

Venkatagiri Rao, former ECD, DDB Mudra West, says, "We had to think of ways to make the brand, and the magazine, a part of their always-on digital lifestyle. We decided to gatecrash their digital lives through the year with special issues led by provocative topics and covers, and accompanying activations that give the readers something to participate, protest about, play with and pass on. This burst is hopefully the first of many steps." The ads cover a range of topics like careers, relationships, beauty and fashion.

Sharing her views, Tanya Chaitanya, editor, Femina, says, "'Stop wearing that dress, it's too short.' 'Stop going out so late at night, it's unsafe outside.' 'Stop eating that carb-laden pasta, it will make you fat.' How many times have we been stopped in our tracks from doing what we wanted? Every minute, I'd say. Yet as Indian women, we have gone forward and changed things around for ourselves, determined to the core. The world can pull us back as much as it wants, we intend to push back, stay ahead and kiss the sky. Ergo, Femina's new tagline."

Using innovative hashtags, contests, celebrity stories and engagement on social media, the campaign aims to reach out to the modern millennial woman. Additionally, it will also span traditional media like outdoor and print to reach out to its audience.

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