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Maxus launches 'Resolve'

The GroupM agency has launched Resolve, a proprietary planning tool that is based on consumer insights.

Maxus has launched a bespoke tool, Resolve, based on a proprietary survey of consumer insights. It has been built using the knowledge and expertise of the agency's planning leaders. The tool is supported by bespoke consumer-based surveys called Compose, which go beyond simple media usage to explore consumer sentiment towards media channels and the messaging those channels employ.

Maxus launches 'Resolve'
Maxus launches 'Resolve'
The agency has identified specific barriers that a client's audience, brand, and category are facing and how best to overcome them in communications. It makes complex issues simple for media planners by prioritising specific communication tasks and identifying the media channels that best deliver them for specific audiences, within each category.

The planning recommendations are backed by robust consumer surveys, making them powerful drivers for a client's channel plans. Kartik Sharma, managing director, Maxus South Asia, says, "The Compose surveys get behind the attitudes and behaviour of consumers - not just their media usage - and how they view specific channels to deliver specific messages. Resolve is pushing our teams out of their comfort zones, to try new channels and ways of thinking."

Priti Murthy, national director insights, Maxus India, says, "Properly identifying a brand's top communications tasks and understanding how to use media to deliver on those tasks is an art. At Maxus, we also believe there should be an appropriate level of science applied to that challenge as well, which is why we've developed Resolve."

Resolve is a robust, data-heavy tool that relies on consumers' attitudes and sentiment, as well as Maxus' own proprietary intelligence, to tackle the real issues that clients are facing. Murthy says the tool was created in line with Maxus' unique proposition, 'lean into change' - challenging the status quo with something different. "We can be confident about the suggestions Resolve generates because we have the data to support our decisions," she adds. Global and local clients use the tool to gain insights into particular markets.