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AIR to launch Toll Free Number for advertisers

The number will be launched in a bid to provide one stop window for those looking for an easy way to advertise with All India Radio.

All India Radio, on August 15, will be launching a Toll Free Number (15102), to connect with advertisers. This is a first of its kind initiative taken by the India's Public Service Broadcaster in a bid to provide one stop window for those looking for an easy way to advertise with All India Radio's various stations.

AIR to launch Toll Free Number for advertisers
The toll free number will connect the stations of AIR and will become faster to answer and tackle the problems encountered by advertisers. It will also provide an avenue for those who want to expand their business but have a limited budget to publicise and indulge in other promotional activities. Since All India Radio has maximum penetration as well as reach at both domestic and international levels, advertisers can gain a lot without spending too much.

The public service broadcaster is also launching External Services Division (ESD) multi-media website for its international audience where there are going to be various interesting features like radio on demand, relaunching of once popular journal 'India Calling' is also being launched on the website.

The website shall be also be launched on 15th of August, 2014 with the live webcasting of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address to the Nation on the occasion of 68th Independence Day from the ramparts of Red Fort.

Currently, the External Services Division through its 15 foreign language and 12 Indian language services reaches out to nearly 100 plus countries; with the launch of the new website, the reach of the External Services shall become global and listeners can access the service according to their convenience at any point of time. The External Services of AIR also proposes to launch similar websites for all its language services in near future. An electronic version of once popular programme journal of External Services ”India Calling” is also being re-launched on the website simultaneously.

All India Radio's programmes through its 413 Stations and 584 Transmitters reaches nearly 92 per cent of the country's area and 99.19 per cent of the total population AIR in 23 languages and 146 dialects.

Prasar Bharati which is an autonomous body looking after AIR and DD has planned many such small and big steps to stay connected with the public. India's Public Service Broadcaster is continuously making an endeavour to have a more dynamic public face so that they can serve better.

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