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The Caravan Launches Media Special Issue

The issue covers some of the industry stalwarts such as Shekhar Gupta, Ramoji Rao and als focusses on Government ad spends.

The Caravan magazine, the narrative style journalism title by Delhi Press, has launched a special media issue for the month of December, 2014 which focuses on media personalities and government ad spends.

The Caravan Launches Media Special Issue
The issue includes stories of industry stalwarts such as Shekhar Gupta, former editor, Indian Express; Ramoji Rao, uncontested media baron of Andhra Pradesh; Dina Nath Batra, founder of educational activist organisations Shiksha Bachao Andolan Samiti. The publication also focuses on a larger story on the Government ad spends and its plans.

The cover story on Shekhar Gupta focuses on how a stringer rose to become first the editor and then the CEO of one of the most influential papers of time.

The next story focuses on the media baron Ramoji Rao, who is undoubtedly the leader in the Telugu space and changed the way media works there. Following it, is the story on Dina Nath Batra, an education activist.

Finally the magazine has done a story on the present facts and data around how much is the Government spending on the ads, patterns, predictions and plans for the future.

The Story estimates that the Government's print spend for fiscal year 2012 was Rs 401 crore, out of its estimated annual spend of "approximately Rs 700-750 crore.

The issue is being promoted via Cavan's Facebook page, Twitter handle and other online and social mediums.

The Caravan is one of the publications from the house of Delhi Press with some other titles such as Motoring Times, Champak, Grihashobha, Sarita and others.

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