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Colosceum, Ormax to launch "consumer-created" fiction shows

The two companies conducted market research to source story ideas from consumers. The duo will now approach broadcasters with these ideas.

Content production company, Colosceum Media and media insights firm, Ormax Media have come together to launch "consumer-created" fiction shows in India.

Colosceum, Ormax to launch "consumer-created" fiction shows
Colosceum, Ormax to launch "consumer-created" fiction shows
The two companies have conducted consumer research over the last six months across more than 15 cities in India to generate original stories using proprietary techniques developed by Ormax.

These stories were then tested using Ormax True Value, an industry standard that according to Ormax has been used on more than 250 television shows across more than 20 channels since 2008. Only shows that have tested exceptionally well, with more than 85 per cent probability of success, will be presented to broadcasters. The duo will now approach broadcasters with these ideas.

The move will help Colosceum strengthen its fiction offerings. The production house is known for producing non-fiction shows like like Roadies, Splitsvilla and MasterChef India.

Lalit Sharma, CEO - Colosceum Media explains that currently, production houses make large investments in getting concept developed in-house. The broadcasters then make investments to judge their viability. "By creating concepts that are sourced from consumers, we are creating a win-win situation for all stakeholders. Ormax has used very advanced consumer research techniques to generate original stories for daily fiction shows for Hindi GECs. These concepts are stories that have been both created and validated with the consumers. A story may have originated in Indore, developed in Jalandhar and then fine-tuned by another set of consumers in Amravati."

Shailesh Kapoor, founder and CEO - Ormax Media adds, "It's been a long but fulfilling process of engaging with the actual consumers in story generation. Having produced shows like Roadies, Splitsvilla and MasterChef India, Colosceum are an established leader in the non-fiction space. We're excited to partner them in their plans to establish a strong presence in the fiction space."

"When we meet the broadcasters, we are not just going with a concept but a complete consumer package that has a potent combination of consumer insights, fine storytelling and a very capable creative and producing team." Kapoor stated.

Tulsea Pictures conceived this partnership and brought both Colosceum and Ormax together.