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Goafest 2015: "I didn't get into this business to do PR": Arnab Goswami

The much-criticised editorial director and editor-in-chief of Times Now presented the rationale behind his trademark style of journalism.

A lot is said about Times Now's editorial director and editor-in-chief, Arnab Goswami. He has a loyal set of admirers as well as critics. Goafest 2015 brought in the editor, famous for his interrogative style, and put him on the hot seat, opening the floor for questions and criticism.

Goafest 2015: "I didn't get into this business to do PR": Arnab Goswami
Goswami is well aware of his fans and his critics. His talk was not about how he does 'correct or incorrect journalism', but rather he pleaded guilty, proudly so, of the criticism thrown at him.

Here are few of the gems from his talk on 'News for a New India'.

# When I joined journalism, the first thing I was told was 'never express your opinion'. That I now know is not correct. I follow a journalism of opinion, of taking a stand, of not being politically correct.

# Neutrality is a weakness, because it perpetuates a status quo. It has no impact. Neutrality, especially in the face of injustice, makes journalism an exercise in futility.

# There is no news story which is suitable only for the Hindi market or the English viewer. News is news.

# Do I do activist journalism? Yes. Because in India, only when you tell the powerful that you will be shamed and embarrassed do they take note; that is when action can be taken.

# We are not a self-serving group. We do not want to do cocktail journalism. Sometimes the stark realities of what you are doing wrong hit you.

# When you put a story in page 3-4, people look at it as an ecological story. They don't read it. So, you have to be direct. But, never rush the important stories.

# We are not dumbing things down. We are bringing it down to the core. And, I believe there is an important question at the core, which I am asking.

# Any media - print, broadcast, digital - everything will be relevant as long the story is correct and your integrity is in place.

# I didn't get into this business to do public relations. And I want to bring idealism back into journalism.

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