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Presentation: A look at viewership and advertising trends during IPL 8

TAM's report on the 45 matches of IPL 8 reveals that a total of 35 new advertisers came on board in this season.

TAM has released a report on the 45 matches from the eighth edition of Indian Premier League (IPL), with comparisons to the previous edition.

As per the report, the 45 matches this season garnered 23 per cent more average TVTs as compared to IPL 7. Time Spent per viewer, meanwhile, for the matches of IPL 8 was 45 minutes and 4 seconds – 9 per cent more compared to IPL 7.

The opening match (Mumbai Indian vs. Kolkata Knight Riders) garnered the highest rating of 5.4 per cent, followed by the fifth match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore with 5.3 per cent rating.

Majority of the viewership was contributed by males; age: 15-24 years and 35+, SEC: A and B. As per the data, among the metros, Mumbai was the top market for IPL 8 viewership. Meanwhile, among the states, Maharashtra topped, followed by UP and Gujarat.

As for advertising this year, across the 45 matches, a total of 214 brands advertised across commercial, on-screen and in-stadia. Commercial ad volumes also grew by 4 per cent in IPL 8 compared to IPL 7.

A total of 35 new advertisers came on board in IPL 8.

Also, 30 per cent of the ads during the commercial breaks of IPL 8 were celebrity-endorsed ads. Aamir Khan, Ajay Devgn, MS Dhoni, Salman Khan and Virat Kolhi were the top endorsers whose ads were aired during IPL 8.

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