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BIG FM launches 'U.P. ki Kahaniyan with Neelesh Misra'

The show will bring out people's experiences and positive stories from the state.

92.7 BIG FM is set to introduce a new segment called 'U.P. ki Kahaniyan with Neelesh Misra', which will be aired across 27 cities in 13 states. The show is aimed at bringing out positive and inspiring stories from the state of Uttar Pradesh. Award-winning storyteller, Neelesh Misra, popular for his show 'Yaadon ka Idiot Box' will be hosting the programme.

BIG FM launches 'U.P. ki Kahaniyan with Neelesh Misra'
BIG FM launches 'U.P. ki Kahaniyan with Neelesh Misra'
Ashwin Padmanabhan, executive vice president and business head, Reliance Broadcast Network, says, "I am delighted to announce the launch of our all-new segment 'U.P. ki Kahaniyan with Neelesh Misra'. Through our new segment, we aim to reach out to the Hindi Speaking Markets (HSM), inspire the listeners to enrich their lives and create a better future."

The show will touch upon real-life experiences of people, their courage and also on the support that the state has provided them. It hopes to showcase Uttar Pradesh for what it is and present different perspective to listeners. The radio channel will also bring a team of field researchers and NGO associations on board to enable people take advantage of various government schemes.

About the show, Misra, who hails from the state, says, "'U.P. ki Kahaniyan' is an attempt to reach out to our brethren in the various states and cities of India, tell stories and inspire them. I am looking forward to sharing interesting insights about U.P. with my listeners, its varied culture and heritage, something that is so close to my heart."

The show airs from Monday to Friday at 8:45 pm. The segment is being promoted with more than 20 teasers running on each station of 92.7 BIG FM with RJs extensively speaking about the segment. All the teasers are being broadcast in the voice of Misra who is also engaging with his fan base through social media networks Facebook and Twitter.

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