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GroupM showcases its 'future-ready' technology at Zee Melt 2015

GroupM's media agencies put out their new-age technology on display and offered a demo at the event.

GroupM's media agencies - MEC, Mindshare and Maxus had set up stalls at Zee Melt 2015 to offer a demo of the 'future-ready' technology that they are using to help their clients understand their target audiences better.

GroupM showcases its 'future-ready' technology at Zee Melt 2015


Moribus is a new initiative by Maxus. It looks at understanding consumer behaviour in a different kind of a landscape. Initially, when advertisers used to draw a pen portrait of consumers, they used to assume that a consumer used to behave in a certain way and makes a certain kind of rational choices. But, it was never true. It is just that marketers are understanding it now.

Moribus was launched in association with Mumbai University's Centre for Computational & Social Sciences.

Priti Murthy, chief strategy officer, Maxus, explains, "Moribus in Latin means behaviour. We launched this to decode the consumer mind better because any traditional research will give you only that much. If we want to decode a consumer in a natural way then behavioural science is the answer. We do a lot of experiments basis behavioural science theory, to come out with directions on how to build brands, how to do a packaging or a promotion, how to communicate the insight better."

All Maxus clients are using the technology; clients from finance, FMCG and confectionaries are using the technology on a regular basis.

The Loop:

The Loop, according to the agency, is not just another technological interface, but rather a way of life for all at Mindshare. It is a data infused 'war room', used to help clients make real-time decisions across their paid, owned and earned media. It effectively breaks down all silos and brings all key stakeholders into one single room - creative, media, social, digital, content and production.

Adaptive marketing enables the shift of media spends to leverage opportunities uncovered by real-time data and provides actionable insights that can be executed instantly. The Loop is also used to track competitor efforts in paid, owned and earned media, as well as providing intelligence on trending, and viral news and content.

Vinod Thadani, chief digital officer, South Asia, Mindshare, adds, "This is the first time Melt is happening in India, and we have got the whole ecosystem, start-ups, the technology companies, the creative, media folk, and we are trying to link all dots. The Loop helps us show clients how their real-time campaigns' monetary optimisation goes on. We have tracked the Zee Melt hash tag and through earned, owned and paid screens, we are showing what people are talking about."

Purple Box:

Purple Box, meanwhile, is a creative manifestation of adaptive marketing solutions. It is about understanding the consumer as he is going beyond the obvious. A Mindshare spokesperson shares, "A consumer watches TV, loves entertainment. What we try and understand here are key triggers that he resonates with well; what are the key passions which are a part of their lives; what really irks them. We then try and fuse the brand communication to create engagement. Engagement can be in the form of branded content or an experience."

To explain it further, he shares the example of Facebook and why people use it. It's a general perception that people use Facebook to stay connected, but the other side to this is that people live in a multi-media world, and they have become introverts, physically speaking. "They might not have the guts to approach and talk to someone. Facebook helps them maintain a dual identity," he adds.

At the event, through this technology Mindshare demonstrated various consumer archetypes in an interesting visual format. Participants could choose from a consumer 'avatar' and look deeper into some of his passion points, while the agency converts them into communication opportunities.

MEC Fresh:

Vishal Chinchankar, digital leader - India, MEC, explains that this is one of MEC's technology, for which it has partnered with Icecreamlabs, that speaks about how one can get his brand associated with innovative images. It is an image, video recognition technology.

One of the features of the technology is that one can track a player in a game that is being watched on the tab. One can also tap and know the details of any of the players. "You can also record 10 seconds at any point during the match and share it on any social media platform," says Sanjay Ramakrishnan, co-founder and president, Icecreamlabs.

It has the ability to identity people and get details of any person. The technology is yet to launch in India as a product.

The brands that are currently working on the technology include Levi's, Wrangler, Godrej and IBM.

Mediacom's Analytical model:

According to a spokesperson, the model shows the agency's philosophy of planning. Here's how - "There is a belief that to build great brands, you need great content and that drives brand success. The content has to be distributed. At Mediacom, we call ourselves the content connections agency. 'Connections', because we provide distribution platform to the client's content."

The spokesperson shares that no media works in isolation. Every media not just drives brand results but also drives other media, adding, "All media are interconnected. When we are discussing the media mix and the client asks us to reduce the spend on a particular medium, this model will tell us the impact it can have on the awareness or performance."