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TAM & IMRB International launch 'TeleWeb Audience Measurement'

The service is aimed to facilitate integrated media planning by providing cross-media audience measurement data for TV & web advertising planning.

The advertising and media industry is all set to get its first multimedia measurement data and integrated media planning tool. TAM Media Research & IMRB International have jointly announced the launch of a Cross-Media Consumption Behaviour Data Service called TeleWeb Audience Measurement. This service will provide data and analytics on the consumption of content across TV and online platforms like desktop & mobile websites, mobile applications and YouTube authors, on multi-screens like computers (desktops/laptops), mobile handsets and tablets. TeleWeb Audience Measurement service starts with a sample spread across six metros and will be reported on a monthly basis.

TAM & IMRB International launch 'TeleWeb Audience Measurement'
Currently, TeleWeb Audience Measurement is the industry's only multi-media measurement service. The data & analytics service will be available to subscribers for pre-planning of advertising campaigns through a software interface 'Video Xpress'. TeleWeb Audience Measurement marks the fusion of TV viewership data from TAM India and WAM (Web Audience Measurement) data from IMRB International. The fused cross-media data aims to revolutionise the conventional advertising planning approach. This fused data looks to be a win-win for TV and online mediums by attracting advertising revenues for both.

Commenting on the launch of the service, L V Krishnan, CEO, TAM Media Research, says, "Content consumption has been transitioning across media platforms, especially television & online. Hence, understanding cross-media consumption patterns at one go, and planning advertising investments were imperative. This is what makes TeleWeb Audience Measurement the most awaited service for the Indian media industry. The future is all about cross-media planning. TAM India & IMRB International were quick to realise that and are all set to revolutionise the industry."

Highlighting the value that TeleWeb Audience Measurement would bring to the industry, Hemant Mehta, senior vice president, IMRB International, says, "With content increasingly becoming platform agnostic, we believe this is an important step in measuring the total reach across platforms. Besides providing the content owners an understanding of the size and profile of their audiences across digital and TV, the TeleWeb Audience Measurement service will also help advertisers identify new, interesting and cost-efficient communication opportunities. For digital publishers with video content, TeleWeb Audience Measurement would help in benchmarking themselves vis-à-vis TV channels."

Presently, WAM's internet panel-based audience measurement platform tracks internet usage behaviour amongst active internet users in India and has a sample size of 6075 respondents across six metros (Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad), which will be fused with TAM viewership data of 10936 individuals from the same six metros. WAM tracks URLs surfed from user machines and mobile handsets to provide a complete view of consumption habits of audiences across digital properties.

Some of the highlights of TeleWeb Audience Measurement are as below:

• Combined ratings: For the first time in India, a combined rating service to understand the consumption behaviour of content across TV & online

• Four Screens Consumption Data: TV and Three Screens - Computers (Desktops/Laptops), Mobile Handsets and Tablets

• No more confusion over different currencies for different mediums: Provides one currency for both mediums to make media planning easy and quick

• Integrated Cross-Media Plan: Allows the user to create one integrated cross-media Plan for TV + internet as per the consumption habits.

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