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MEC launches MEC Touchpoints

The new tool allows MEC to identify category-specific consumer touchpoints for brands.

MEC, a global media agency, has launched MEC Touchpoints, a tool that builds on MEC's knowledge of the consumer purchase journey. The tool will be powered by the global media-survey data from the recently launched GroupM LIVE Panel.

MEC launches MEC Touchpoints

MEC Touchpoints is built around the active and passive stages of the purchase journey, as defined by MEC Momentum, the agency's proprietary approach to understanding and quantifying how consumers make purchase decisions. Combining the strategic framework of MEC Momentum with data from LIVE Panel, GroupM's global survey of media and consumer insights, MEC Touchpoints identifies the communication touchpoints that are most valuable to a brand, across any one of the 15 categories in 30 countries.

In contrast to the common assumption that there are general rules about which touchpoints perform particular roles regardless of category, MEC Momentum studies reveal that touchpoint influence is category-specific. Even within a single category, touchpoints play different roles for the same consumer, depending on where they are on the purchase journey.

With the launch of MEC Touchpoints, MEC puts these findings to use to help brands determine which exact touchpoints will have the greatest influence over consumers at different stages of the purchase journey, and which present the best opportunity for growth.

MEC launches MEC Touchpoints

Commenting on the launch, MEC chief analytics and insight officer Stephan Bruneau, says, "All our clients face exactly the same challenge: how can they create brand growth that outpaces their competitors? MEC Touchpoints gives us an immediate read on understanding our clients' business, allowing us to create strategies and ideas that cut through the noise."

MEC Touchpoints is powered by data from LIVE Panel, GroupM's consumer panel built from Lightspeed GMI's global panel of 5.5 m consumers.

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