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'Radio', 'FM' go missing in Mirchi 98.3

The private FM radio broadcaster launches new signature tune 'Khushi Ki Nayi Dhun', composed by musical duo Sachin-Jigar.

Entertainment Network India Limited (ENIL), owner of the FM station 'Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM', has unveiled two major changes. The private FM radio broadcaster has shed the words 'Radio' and 'FM' from what was previously known as 'Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM', and is now calling it 'Mirchi 98.3' on air.

The radio broadcaster has also launched a new melodious jingle titled 'Khushi ki Nayi Dhun', as part of the campaign.

'Radio', 'FM' go missing in Mirchi 98.3
The signature tune was launched in Mumbai on July 18, 2016, and pan India on July 19. While it was composed by the musical duo Sachin-Jigar, Shalmali Kholgade, Jigar M Saraiya, and expert whistler Mayur Puri lent their voices. (Displayed in this article is a composite audio of the jingle, which can be heard on the 'Mirchi 98.3' channel).
'Radio', 'FM' go missing in Mirchi 98.3
'Radio', 'FM' go missing in Mirchi 98.3
In an exclusive interview with afaqs!, Radio Mirchi's chief programming officer Tapas Sen says, "The private FM broadcaster has shed the words Radio and FM from the previous name, and will now be known as Mirchi 98.3."

Since 2007, the epic tune of the brand 'Mirchi Sunne wale always khush, always khush' resonated with the vibrant energy of Radio Mirchi. The music channel has now strategically launched the new jingle, keeping in mind audience taste, as well as reach out to a younger lot of music lovers.

Speaking about the new signature tune, Sen says, "Change is always good as it gives us a fresh start. We wanted to refresh our sound and that's why we opted for a new tune. Though the previous jingle was very popular, we wanted to retire it while it was at its peak and not when its popularity is declining."

The new jingle (or the whole campaign) will be promoted on air. It will also be promoted editorially through print, as well as social media.

The radio broadcaster has launched three jingles already. "The first jingle was called 'Vicky jingle' (composed by Vicky Goswami), the second one was 'Vishal-Shekhar jingle' (composed by music director duo Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani), while the third and the latest is called 'Sachin-Jigar jingle' since it is composed by Sachin Sanghvi and Jigar Saraiya," says Sen.

After the recent radio spectrum auctions, Mirchi 98.3 will be entering a number of new markets and with the new environment of streaming music. The brand, therefore, felt it needed an overarching nationwide campaign that will target the youth, reinforce the Mirchi brand, and revitalise the radio category itself.

"This is a pan India campaign which holds the same positioning as earlier and that is 'Khushi' (happiness)," says Sen.

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