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Patrika group launches its news channel Patrika TV

It will be a free to air 24 hours Hindi news channel.

Patrika group, a media conglomerate, has forayed into TV news channel arena by launching a free to air 24 hours Hindi news channel, Patrika TV. Born in the illustrious family of Rajasthan Patrika, the guiding principles of Patrika TV will remain unbiased reporting and responsible journalism. As a full, mulch-platform news service, the channel will be available on internet, mobile, tablet, desktop and additional digital device services including social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.).

Patrika group launches its news channel Patrika TV

With the guiding punch line of "Fears None - Favors None", Patrika TV stands for fairness, truthfulness and freedom to people to make their own opinion. The news channel will be offering fresh, relevant, reliable, neutral and non-superficial Hindi language content with extensive coverage in hyper-local-regional-national-international arena.

The programming content of the channel caters to news from all genres like politics, socio-cultural, environment, business and markets, sports, youth and women centric issues, music, culture, art and other special events. Every day, Patrika TV's exclusive team of journalists from diverse background work together reporting on fresh and relevant stories with a stamp of Patrika's reliability and uncompromising journalism standard.

Patrika group launches its news channel Patrika TV

Patrika TV's audience defines the channel's relevance and includes global minded natives, decision makers, opinion makers, professionals, business owners, foreign-born citizens, teachers, students, families with kids, working moms, teens and aspiring young Indians, who are mobile, happy and go-getter.

Patrika TV has phenomenal access to rural and urban households cutting across all income and age groups. It connects with all Rajasthanis, whether they are in Rajasthan, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Dubai, London or Los Angeles.

Speaking about the venture, Saurabh Bhandari, national head, marketing, Patrika Group, says in a press release, "Patrika as a media house is always known for its value journalism and credibility. We are excited to announce our ambitious new multimedia venture- Patrika TV. Debuting on this platform enhances our footprints into Television medium that further strengthens our presence on multimedia facets.. The new venture will help us provide integrated media solutions to clients and ensuring greater market connect."

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