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Avinash Jhangiani, chief innovation officer & MD, Digital - Omnicom Media Group, quits

He has started his own venture, Play2Transform Group.

Avinash Jhangiani, chief innovation officer and managing director - digital at Omnicom Media Group India, has quit to start his own venture Play2Transform Group. He was associated with the Omnicom Media Group for five years and was elevated as the chief innovation officer last year.

With Play2Transform, Jhangiani aims to help the entire ecosystem of schools, colleges, startups, large businesses, and social initiatives in the journey of transforming the way we learn and build skillsets for the 21st century.

Avinash Jhangiani, chief innovation officer & MD, Digital - Omnicom Media Group, quits
Avinash Jhangiani

In an exclusive chat with afaqs! Jhangiani, founder and CEO - Play2Transform Group, says, “It all started 20 years ago when I began my career. After shifting eight cities globally, serving more than 40 clients across industries, and changing careers three times (from technology consulting to digital marketing to design thinking and innovation consulting), I have realised that the only way to stay relevant is to continuously disrupt yourself. This could only be achieved by keeping my inner child alive.”

The mission of the Play2Transform Group is to disrupt learning using play as a catalyst. “Our simple mantra of 'PLAY seriously. THINK design. TRANSFORM business.' changes the way knowledge is delivered and problems are solved, both for business as well as the education ecosystem,” informs Jhangiani.

With nearly 20 years of experience, Jhangiani has managed a diverse set of clients across industries (financial services, telecom, CPG and more) in the US and India, and has worked with leading business houses like Reliance MediaWorks (US and India) as chief information officer, Deloitte Consulting (US), and Satyam Computer Services (US and India).

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