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Mogae Media's Sandeep Goyal acquires 10 % equity in Sync Media

The deal has been closed at a pre-money valuation of USD three million

In a recent announcement, Sandeep Goyal, chairman, Mogae Media has picked up 10 per cent equity in ad-tech platform Sync Media. The deal has been closed at a pre-money valuation of USD 3 million. Goyal’s daughter, Carol, will join the Board of Sync Media.

Mogae Media's Sandeep Goyal acquires 10 % equity in Sync Media
Sandeep Goyal

Sync Media was promoted last year by media professional Anubhav Sharma and Vikas Saxena, ex-CEO of Nimbuzz and founder of Samgavi is also an early investor in the company.

Sync is an ad technology platform measuring, segmenting and offering targeted audiences to brands synching mainstream media with mobile. It uses advanced, always on, acoustic fingerprinting technology to real-time indexing of every program and ad-airing across over 300+ broadcast and cable network feeds to identify the right timing and the right environment for the placement of a brand advertisement.

Goyal, says in a press release, “I think Sync Media is one of the pioneers in its space. The synching of television and mobile is an area that excites all brands and digital planners. It gives both enhanced relevance and enhanced conversion to brand campaigns. From my very many years of evangelizing the mobile as an advertising medium, I think Sync Media will be at the forefront of technology in the days to come. Mine is an investment in not just the platform but in the innovativeness of its promoters”.

Anubhav Sharma, managing partner, Sync Media, says in a press release, “Our understanding of offline audiences through superior analytics delivered by our data driven technology which gives us an edge in helping clients do better media planning and delivery, both cost efficiently and cost effectively”. We are already working with all the large digital and media agencies in India. We see great potential for our offering with clients who want offline audiences to be linked to mainline media”.

Vikas Saxena, director, Sync Media, says in a press release, “Our systems sensitize us to what is really trending on TV, who is watching what when and for how long. We use this knowledge to help advertisers to reach consumers based on these media consumption preferences. What is even better is that we can sync a mobile ad campaign or a facebook campaign in real time with the TV media plan of a brand. This gives brands higher sales conversions through contextual targeting”.

Sync Media has plans to take its offering to South East Asia during the later part of 2018 after it has had a complete all-India rollout.

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