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Spot the differences - Deccan Herald announces rebranding efforts

Deccan Herald shows off a whole new look on social media...

After 71 years in the newspaper business, Deccan Herald has announced rebranding efforts in order to appeal to a younger audience. The newspaper extensively used social media to announce the results of the rebranding exercise. "It's an exciting time at DH. We may be giving a bright new face to our newspaper and introducing new elements, but we are conscious of the legacy of seven decades of solid journalism upon which we build," says Sitaraman Shankar, Editor, Deccan Herald.

Herald invited users to spot the difference between the old and the new formats on Twitter.

Herald also gave readers a preview of the paper on social.

The newspaper is also adding a new business section that the paper will carry on Mondays. On Sundays, there will be a new opinion page that is named ‘The Prism.’ On the supplement front, the newspaper has announced a new entertainment offering called ‘Showtime’ which will be delivered on Saturdays. The paper is also merging Travel and Living into a new supplement – ‘Travel & Living’ -- on Tuesdays that will present a combination of both. The newspaper now also has a formal tagline - ‘The Power of Good’ which can be seen below the masthead.

They also shared a photo of the masthead over the years.

"This 'refresh' reflects our intent to enhance the value we offer our readers. We are confident that the new design and revamped content (which includes a new supplement and several hard-hitting features) will offer readers a more immersive and satisfying reading experience," says Karthik Balakrishnan, CEO, The Printers Mysore.