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68% of Gen Z want to associate with brands backing causes: Isobar-Ipsos Survey

Generation Z have carved a niche for themselves, inspiring preceding generations in the process, according to the Isobar-Ipsos #MeetTheZ Survey.

Meet The Generation Z is a comprehensive study, conducted jointly by Isobar and Ipsos, the survey interviewed 13-24 year olds from SEC A & B households, both males and females, across the 8-cities of Delhi, Lucknow, Bengaluru, Vijayawada, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Mumbai and Indore. The interviews were extensive and intensive and included, 1820 face-to-face interviews, 1440 online self-administered interviews, 34 consumer immersions, 20 online shadowing and 4 expert interviews. Data was weighted by population.

“The new breed of youngsters (Generation Z) – born between 1995-2015 – is pragmatic in every possible way, true role models for older generations – they know what they want and know how to get it. Tech savvy, clear headed, confident, outgoing, valuing close bond with family, this generation embodies traits, which every parent has dreamt, for their kids to possess,” says Vivek Gupta, Managing Director, Ipsos.

Gopa Kumar, Chief Operating Officer, Isobar India says it was imperative to understand the cohort of Generation Z, as there was a lack of empirical data which provided insights on their motivations and aspirations. “Interestingly, Generation Z does not go by conventional stereotype – even though they're digital natives, they yearn for and prioritise offline connections. They are constantly on the lookout for authenticity and purpose when they are engaging with brands. In fact, they have an informed view of the transformative impact of technology at work and play.”

Gopa Kumar, COO, Isobar India.
Gopa Kumar, COO, Isobar India.

Ambitious, at their own pace

Generation Z is realistically ambitious, and the study shows that at least 73 per cent of those polled are keen to pursue unconventional career paths and 80 per cent of them are willing to give their all to achieving career goals. So technically, if 43 per cent aspire for a successful career, 35 per cent aspire to possess a lot of money; while 31 per cent care foremost about staying fit and healthy.

Inseparable from technology

Digitally connected, this tech savvy generation, sometimes loosely called E-Generation, perceives technology as the means to information and empowerment. At least 55 per cent say their life runs on technology - 66 per cent believe tech helps them gain experience and acquire new skills. Interestingly, across various activities, this generation spends an average of at least 8 hours per day, online.

This generation understands the dichotomy of social media – 64 per cent believe it aids in reconnecting with long lost friends; 43 per cent find it limiting in its scope for personal relationships.

Active on social media with closely knit family ties

The study highlights the paradox about Generation Z – on one hand they are home bodies, consciously spending time with parents, with at least 51 per cent of them consuming all meals with parents, at home, at the same time they are highly gregarious, like to hang out actively with friends (29 per cent) at least once a week, 50 per cent stay over with friends at least once a month. Parents are the anchor in their lives and at least 78 per cent of Gen Z polled claims their parents give them independence and personal space.

Contemporary view on relationships

Generation Z realises that some relationships may not be for the long haul, 70 per cent reject a limiting relationship, while 66 per cent are accepting of relationships not moving to permanence. They are easy going when it comes to forging personal ties and don’t drain themselves emotionally. When it comes to long term commitment - 14 per cent of those in a relationship want it to culminate in marriage, 22 per cent of those in a relationship are not in the marriage mode just yet, 22 per cent singles are actively seeking out partners and 41 per cent are happily single and are in no rush to get into a relationship, just yet.

Disciplined eaters; prefer home cooked food

Generation Z have strong traits of retrosexuals when it comes to eating habits – they are self-proclaimed disciplinarians and choose healthy eating habits with a strong emphasis on a balanced diet. In fact, 1 in 2 have a specified diet plan, they adhere to. Sometimes alternating between intermittent fasting (20 per cent), the zone diet (18 per cent) and keto diet (15 per cent). And despite a plethora of food options to choose from, at least 62 per cent prefer home cooked meals.

Shopping Habits; make the most of phygital

Generation Z is truly discerning and busts several myths – they are fashion aware but will not blindly adopt, at least 78 per cent will personalize to look good; and 79 per cent will make their own fashion statement to stand out. Being digital natives, notwithstanding, there is a strong affinity for brick and mortar shops – 79 per cent will shop both offline and online 20 per cent shop only offline.

Indians love labels, but Generation Z will not splurge on big brands unless they are convinced that they are getting their money's worth. At the same time, 77 per cent claim they conducted thorough research before deciding a purchase. 26 per cent mention they would choose the fastest option of buying only if they are strapped for time.

Brands actively seeking to connect with Generation Z, please note, this cohort respects and adopts socially responsible brands – 69 per cent claim to like brands that collaborate with local artisans and 68 per cent want to be associated with brands supporting social causes.

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