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A business idea to break a Taboo: Inspirational Story by Alakshi Tomar

Alakshi Tomar, co-founder, Trucup delivered her inspirational story at TOI's Star FLOW Fest 2020. In her speech, she touched on multiple topics from menstrual hygiene and sustainable hygiene.

Sharing her story with the audience, Alakshi shared her personal life story about her journey from being a corporate-driven enthusiast to a government school worker.

Sharing her insights on how menstruation is still frowned upon in the society, Alakshi opined "all of these stigmas around menstruation and women genitalia is an outcome of patriarchy." She added, "Men play an equally important role in subverting the patriarchal paradigm."

Seeking a change within a society, Alakshi then invoked the audience to move towards a revolution of normalising menstruation and caring for environmental issues. “Periods aren’t just physiological, but also psychological," she said.

The session then turned into a more open discussion, where the audience was able to ask Alakshi questions regarding her journey and the topics she had discussed prior.

Alakshi also shared the story behind the creation of Trucup and narrated how the idea came about and how it has impacted her life.

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