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Amazon launches FAST channel service on Fire TV

The company announced the release at IAB NewFronts event with video featuring Martha Stewart.

Tech giant Amazon launches Fire TV Channels. This will be where the brand hosts its free, ad supported TV (FAST). Fire TV Channels will go live on Amazon's Fire TV devices this week.

Amazon has said that the Fire TV update was incorporated after analysing customer behavior and determining that there is an increasing demand for free streaming content. The new FAST home was green lit by the company because monthly viewing hours of this emerging form of programming have risen 300% over the past six months.

The announcement was made at the IAB NewFronts event. The company released a 118 second promtional video featuring Martha Stewart at the awards. The video sees Stewart explaining that FAST channels would stream content of different categories.

Amazon’s new channel hub will feature categories like travel, local and national news, sports, music videos, lifestyle, entertainment among others. Content from the NHL, Xbox, and TMZ will be featured on Fire TV Channels at its launch, and titles from Condé Nast and the PGA among others will also be added.

As of now, it is unclear where this service would be available.

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