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Average ad volume increased by 6% during IPL 15: TAM Sports

The company's research division recently released data from the first 57 matches of the Indian Premier League.

TAM Sports, a division of TAM Media Research that specialises in measuring sports sponsorship, has just released a report on season 15 of the Indian Premier League (IPL).

IPL 15 is being shown across 21 channels of the Star India network. The report is based on the first 57 matches, for all the channels on which they were shown.

Some of the topics covered in the report include indexed ad volume growth for IPL 15 versus IPL 14, a weekly comparison count of categories. It also compared common and exclusive brands on national (Hindi + English) channels versus regional channels, and listed the top categories and advertisers of IPL 14 and IPL 15.

When comparing 57 matches from each season, the average ad volume per channel increased by six per cent during IPL 15 over IPL 14.

As far as brands were concerned, four out of top five categories were common between IPL 14 and 15. During the first 57 matches in IPL 15, the top five categories' list had four categories from 'e-commerce' sector, with 32 per cent share of ad volumes.

The top five categories together had nearly 40 per cent share of ad volumes, while the top five categories accounted for 36 per cent share of ad volumes in IPL 14.

Sporta Technologies, Think & Learn and K P Pan Foods were the three common advertisers among the top five advertisers during both IPL 15 and IPL 14. The top five advertisers contributed 24 per cent share of ad volumes during 57 matches of IPL 15.

Average ad volume increased by 6% during IPL 15: TAM Sports

You can read the full report below:

TAM Sports-IPL 15 Advertising Report- M01 to M57.pdfDownload
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