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BARC India launches new ad campaign focused on data-led storytelling

The campaign, #MeasuringMoments, focuses the numerous stories that lie within various folds of data and insights.

Whether it’s a sport that makes viewers sit on the edge of their seats, or the comeback of a mythological show that brings families together, both young and old, BARC India, in its latest ad campaign, highlights these in a report 'What India Watches'. This data is also reflective of moments that touch viewers' lives and emotions. It further reinforces that the viewers are deeply connected and engaged with the medium.

BARC India has been at the helm of authentically reporting television viewership across genres, languages, geographies and demographics to enable the industry with a robust trading currency. Following the saying, “People hear statistics, but they feel stories”, through its latest campaign, BARC India wants to tap into the varied emotions and experiences viewers go through while consuming content.

The campaign, #MeasuringMoments, reaffirms the importance of television in Indian households. It also showcases the accuracy in viewership trends via a series of narratives backed by data and insights.

Speaking on the campaign, Rafiq Gangjee, MARCOMM, BARC India, said, “BARC India is an organisation that is deeply rooted in measurement science and technology. Over the last six years, we have been able to ascertain the fact that television continues to be the screen of the household. While the result of all we do lies in the dependable weekly currency we deliver to the industry, there are always greater stories to tell that depict the power that television has over viewers."

Gangjee mentions that the campaign, #MeasuringMoments, reflects the numerous stories that lie within various folds of data and insights. "We hope to bring life to these moments and establish a deeper connect with viewers," he adds.

Conceptualised and executed by the internal teams at BARC India, #MeasuringMoments - Where Data Does the Storytelling, is currently live on BARC India’s social media channels. It will continue to provide regular insights on significant moments captured in our lives.