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Cinépolis introduces the CPC Model for On-Screen Advertising

Under this model, the brand pays for the number of attendees per show instead of paying a flat charge for that show.

As the pandemic recedes and Cinépolis theatres get ready to open, they are reaching out to advertisers with a unique proposition, which is sure to pique interest.

Cinemas have been historically offering a single advertising structure to clients and agencies over the years, driven by flat monthly or weekly fees. This model has worked well in the past, but is there a model which can improve upon it?

Cinépolis says an emphatic “Yes!” and has taken the lead in revolutionizing the segment of in-theater advertising. For the first time in in-theater advertising, Cinépolis is giving their advertisers guaranteed audiences i.e., the advertiser pays for what he gets, nothing more, nothing less.

The above promise is delivered by the Cinépolis’ CPC model for cinemas i.e., Cost-per-Contact Model. Here, the brand would have the advantage of paying for the number of attendees per show instead of paying a flat charge for that show, virtually guaranteeing footfalls. This way a brand can simply chose to reach out to a certain number of homogenous customers and pay when the targeted number is achieved. Isn’t that fantastic!

This model makes the system ultra-transparent and removes any associated risk of reach as the reach is ‘GUARANTEED’. Now the brand does not have to bother about the performance of the movie at the box-office, they just have to choose the targeted genre and sign the dotted line, the rest will be delivered by Cinépolis.

This model is sure to rationalize costs for media planners and the attractive CPC rates may even help improve their overall cost per reach metrics! Cinema now delivers its young and aspirational audiences with a delivery guarantee.

Infact, there have already been a few deals closed with the announcement of the model. A number of firms including HUL, L’Oreal and Winzo have chosen to execute multi-city deals with Cinépolis basis this arrangement.

Another key area which the company is pursuing is barter partnerships. These partnerships are typically a win-win for both partners as valuable goods are traded without a direct cash-flow impact. For example, flight tickets in-lieu of advertising. The key here is to align the interests of both parties.

Over this development, Devang Sampat, CEO, Cinépolis India, highlights, “Cinépolis believes in continuous innovation and has done it again with the CPC advertising model. This has been developed basis in-depth discussions with our client partners and taking into account their needs and preferences. We have received extremely positive feedback from clients as well as agencies and are happy to be able to bring unique offering to them. In addition to this model, the team is always keen to explore relevant barter partnerships as well.”

Adding to this, Neel Pandya, national head of media at L’OREAL says, “This is a great model that has the potential to change the way cinemas advertising works. And the best part is, like digital platforms give their impressions/clicks reports, Cinépolis India would give a weekly attendance report. This would help us optimize our budgets and investment would be completely backed by data. That is why we are bullish on this model and excited about the results.”

Also, Ajay Mehta, managing director Kinetic India & Interactive added, “In today’s Digital and Data era, clients want their media plans to work harder and want to optimize impressions or conversions. Cinema also has to evolve and one way of doing this is the CPC model. Since the number of admits on the box office is data which is readily available and is authentic, clients can quantify the reach basis their spends. This will give confidence to the clients as the CPC model helps in bringing transparency and aids in measuring ROI. We believe if utilized well, this will help in bringing back the advertisers to cinemas.

With these innovative steps, Cinépolis has once again become a game changer in the exhibition industry and will move from strength to strength in the future as well.