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Converting Old School Branding into Experiential Marketing: Tamanna Sharma, Earthling First

Tamanna Sharma, in her inspirational story at TOI’s Star FLOW Festival 2020, shared with the audience her experiences in experiential marketing and how brands and marketers are still hanging on to old school marketing tactics.

Explaining how it is necessary to convert interactions into sales, Tamanna narrated a conversation she had with a social media influencer with 300k followers. Pointing out how outreach doesn’t necessarily facilitate sales, Tamanna suggested how consumer mindset and behaviour are key to get more ROI (Return on Investment).

Comparing the old school, traditional marketing methods (Citing pamphlets as an example), Tamanna suggested that with the advent of digital, marketing methods need to evolve and up the game to appeal to consumers and ensure higher engagement. In a course to drive the change, Tamanna says, “Old school branding techniques are dead. I know it’s hard for some people who work on the same thing for years, but it is a boon for young marketers.”

Answering a question regarding her dry spell of work for six months in the past, Tamanna said, “Six months in 2016-17, I was young, so I had the energy to keep going. But now, I have a bigger team and we can take on whatever we embark upon. The entire spell taught me modesty, from being an authoritative activist to a more subtle and humble approach.”