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Delhi Press' magazines release 420 Hindi Stories on Audible for Free

Stories in the crime, romance and relationships and family drama genres from Grihashobha, Sarita, Manohar Kahaniyan and Saras Salil have been converted to audio stories.

Audible, an Amazon company and a leading global provider of spoken-word entertainment and Delhi Press, one of India's largest magazine publishing houses, announced today that listeners across the country can now listen to 500 incredible stories from the publishing house’s most renowned magazines in audio format exclusively on Audible, absolutely free.

Popular stories in the Crime, Romance & Relationships and Family Drama genres from Grihshobha, Sarita, Manohar Kahaniyan and Saras Salil, are interesting, easy to follow and perfect for listeners interested in consuming content while multitasking. Busy listeners can enjoy these stories when they are engaged in chores at home, while cooking, commuting to work, working out or while winding down before bedtime – in fact, all those times their hands are busy, but their minds are not.

Since the pandemic, people are spending more and more time behind a screen (be it for work, school or entertainment) and screen fatigue has been a genuine problem. Audio content keeps listeners just as engaged while offering a break for the eyes but not the mind – it is screen free entertainment at its finest.

To listen to these stories, listeners will simply need to download the Audible app or log on to the website and use their Amazon login and password to start listening for free.

Some popular Crime Drama stories include:

● आस्तीन का साांप (From Grihshobha Magazine): A murder mystery with a twist, this story revolves around a gazetted officer Swati who is killed by her driver Lalchand over a trivial fight leaving Swati's disabled husband alone and helpless.

● फर्ज का एहसास: र्वानी का हहसाब लगाती शाललनी (From Saras Salil Magazine): A guilty sex worker, a rickshaw driver, and an instigating note; this story revolves around Shalini and her hunt for the driver after she robs his wallet and discovers a life-altering truth.

● समुद्र से सागर तक (From Sarita Magazine): Sarita has been chatting with someone special for a while now. What started with a minor spell error leading to this conversation chain has turned into something pleasant. Is she being tricked into something? Will she be able to find the truth in this virtual world?

Some popular Romance and Relationships stories include:

● ववश्वास की आन: क्या मदृ लु ा का लसद्धार्ज पर भरोसा करना सही र्ा? (From Grihshobha Magazine): Mridula, a happily married woman, develops feelings for Sidharth, whom she has met online however, is afraid to declare her love for him publicly as she does not know how her family will react to it.

● कै सी वाग्दत्ता (From Delhi Press Magazine): Due to some incoherence in her marriage chart/Kundali, Tanu remains a spinster all her life despite wanting to marry her sweetheart Parakh. One day she goes to attend a marriage ceremony, and on discovering that the bride Neerja is Parakh's daughter, she gives her promise ring to Neerja as a gift.Some popular Family Drama stories include:

● गांवार: देवरानी-र्ेठानी का तानों का ररश्ता (From Sarita Magazine): This contemporary family drama is about Ajeet, a medical student who falls in love with Vandana, a simple village girl and gets married to her after much deliberation with his family members. The elder sister-in-law Monica, however, dislikes Vandana strongly. An unfortunate accident nudges her to have a change of heart for Vandana when she offers genuine care and support during her recovery phase.

● एक सवाल- जब आकाश ने कोमल को अपनी जजिंदगी से जनकाल फे ं का (From Grihshobha Magazine): Married into a traditional family, Saloni a well-educated modern woman feels unfulfilled and wishes for a more ambitious future.

Shailesh Sawlani, VP and Country GM, Audible India, said, “Whether seeking a screen free entertainment alternative or content that’s perfect for multitasking, I hope our listeners enjoy listening to these exciting stories from everyone’s favourite magazines! Crime, Romance or Family Dramas – we have something for everyone in this catalogue”.

Anant Nath, executive publisher of Delhi Press, said “Over the past 80 years, Delhi Press has published a rich collection of short stories in its magazines. These heartwarming and entertaining stories are loved and admired by millions of readers as they resonate with the myriad of emotions and everyday issues that they live through in their daily lives. We are extremely pleased to partner with Audible to offer these stories in audio format to a wider audience.”

Audible will continue to release popular Hindi stories from Delhi Press’s most renowned women’s magazines in audio format from a variety of genres throughout 2022 for listeners to enjoy. For more details watch this space.

(We got this information in a press release).

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