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Disney CEO Bob Iger announces crackdown on password-sharing from June

The company wants to boost subscriber growth and profitability at the business.

On April 4, 2024, Bob Iger, chief executive, Disney, announced that the company's streaming service plans to enforce restrictions on password-sharing from June 2024. This move aims to enhance subscriber growth and profitability for the entertainment conglomerate.

Iger also mentioned that the streaming industry might benefit from some merging, and Disney aims for big profits in streaming, as he discussed in an interview with CNBC.

The interview came just a day after Disney investors backed Iger and other company directors, defeating a campaign by activist investors including Nelson Peltz who argued that Disney had underperformed in the streaming-television era.

The interview happened right after Disney investors supported Iger and other directors after beating a campaign by activists like Nelson Peltz, who said Disney hadn't done well in the streaming era.

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