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Disney Star to launch its metaverse platform called Starverse

Its launch will coincide with the start of IPL 2023.

Disney Star, as per The Economic Times, will roll out Starverse, its metaverse platform, at a time which coincides with the launch of the IPL 2023.

"Our metaverse is called the Starverse and the first iteration of this is an immersive 3D ecosystem for the sports fan. The sports genre organically lends itself to a multi-platform, multi-modal and communal experience," said Sanjog Gupta, sports head, Disney Star India, to the financial daily.

The proof of concept for the Starverse was rolled out last year during the Asia Cup and the ICC T20 World Cup. "We wanted to roll out the final version after testing features and understanding user behaviour in a 3D ecosystem," said Gupta.

The platform will be available on the mobile web.

"This is going to be an always-on experience for fans, with new features being added all through the year," Gupta said on what will differentiate Starverse from other metaverse offerings.

Disney Star is working with multiple agencies to develop the Starverse, said Gupta, and "three different agencies are working on the tech backend, 3D models & environments, and gamification of the experience".

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