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Eat Right, Eat Green with Zee Zest’s New Show ‘ PATT-AY KI BAAT’

Discover a variety of Anokhi, Leafy, Mazedaar recipes that take you on a zaika-filled food adventure.

As unbe-leaf-able as it may sound, Yes! Leaves aren’t just an element of garnish in the world of gastronomy, but also an essential main ingredient in lots of dishes. So, let’s cut to the chase and get talking about interesting leafy facts tossed together with a treasure trove of Anokhi, Leafy, Mazedaar recipes on Zee Zest’s new show - ‘PATT-AY KI BAAT’.

Known for offering glocal content, Zee Zest hosts a great mix of Indian and International lifestyle/infotainment shows. It is an evolving platform that highlights innovative content in an ever-changing world. And so, after decoding the viewer’s taste by launching shows related to health, baking, and kids specials, Zee Zest is all set to bring to the kitchens a unique show with a different perspective on green leafy vegetables and herbs found in India and globally!

When one thinks of leafy greens, one might think of the classic combinations found in a salad: Iceberg lettuce and cabbage, or the desi favorite - palak paneer and saag. However, unknown is a plethora of leaves that PATT-AY KI BAAT is pleased to present to viewers on a 16-episode journey along with Chef Ajay Chopra. With 48 different kinds of ingredients such as Fenugreek, Moringa, Coriander, Curry, Bay, Colocasia, Sage, Thyme, Rosemary, and more, the show is set apart from all others, to showcase unique dishes using the leaf as a spice/flavoring agent, a main course ingredient, and a cooking agent that will surely add a newfound freshness to every meal!

So, let’s explore the green world and its healthy but delicious offerings, with Zee Zest’s ‘PATT-AY KI BAAT’ from 29th July 2022, at 1.00 pm onwards, every Thursdays and Fridays only on Zee Zest SD and HD, along with

Commenting on the launch of the new innovative show, Amit Nair, business head, Zee Zest quotes, “Leaves have always been present in most of our meals and a part of Indian heritage since time immemorial due to its medicinal, aromatic, herbal and flavorful properties, but it hasn’t received the spotlight it deserves. This is why ‘PATT-AY KI BAAT’ highlights a sense of urgency or importance in its concept that focuses on showcasing the benefits, elements, and utility of leaves which hasn’t been done before. We hope audiences will find inspiration from the various nutritious and tasty recipes we have curated and can adapt the same as they cook nourishing food to keep their families healthy too.”

So, while viewers are onboard for a zaikedaar food experience they can also look forward to takeaway more useful information with Pattay Ka Corner, and Pattay Ki Tip. Pattay Ka Corner is the corner of the Kitchen with homegrown leaves & herbs that gives the space a, healthy, and refreshing vibe, while Pattay Ki Tip helps solve a common recurring problem of quickly drying leaves with helpful suggestions on preserving them

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