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Eloelo's humorous take on rival’s print ad

The Bengaluru-based platform took a quick-witted dig at its competitor, Moj with a creative iteration of their front page print ad.

Indian Twitter was abuzz with banter as social gaming and live streaming platform, Eloelo took on Short-video platform Moj with a funny iteration of Moj's print ad that was published on the front page of a leading Indian English daily on 22nd July.

Moj, a platform for the creation of short videos, recently launched a feature of live streaming and promoted the launch with a clickbait advertisement that tried to leverage the popularity of the India-Pakistan cricket match to drive traffic to the app. However, EloElo seems to have taken issue with the messaging and came up with its own version of the ad.

Creatively mirroring the advertisement of Moj, which states that on 22nd July, India-Pak cricket is not live, but entertainment is always live on the Moj app, Eloelo replicates the concept by pointing out the clickbait nature of the ad while also stating that "Live Video ki asli mauj to Eloelo pe hai' that translates to real fun to live video streaming is only available at Eloelo.

Eloelo's take on the print ad struck a chord with the Twitterati as the hashtag #EloeloPeMauj started trending at the top within an hour of the original tweet. For some, the original Moj ad was a recipe for comedy, while others declared how much they enjoy live streaming on Eloelo.

While Moj has recently entered the live streaming space, the influencer-led live streaming & social gaming platform, Eloelo is among the leading live streaming apps in India. The company recently received a staggering 80 million+ gameplays on its EloElo Premier League that was live streamed in parallel with the IPL.

It is noteworthy that Eloelo has more than 4 million+ downloads on Google Play, which shows the popularity of the app amongst the youth across India. Eloelo further plans to expand its audience network and content creators. Their recent take on the Moj's campaign seems to have worked wonders for the brand as #EloeloPeMauj trended high on all social media platforms, drawing a slew of witty repartees entertaining netizens.

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