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Get ready for Audionxt Week, an afaqs! conference about the growing audio market

Audionxt Week – The Sounds of Tomorrow will be held every day between July 26-30, from 4 pm to 4.45 pm.

The audio streaming industry in India is among the hottest markets out there today. Through Audionxt Week, an afaqs! e-conference, we will deep dive into the world of audio streaming.

Through in-depth discussions with some of the most important names in this space, we will try and understand the factors driving this audio boom, the popularity of podcasts, the future of radio, the role of local language content, and, of course, monetisation models.

Yes, at present, the audio industry in India has a small base of consumers, but the pace at which it is leapfrogging is noteworthy. In fact, in the recent past, there has been a big surge of interest in both the creation and consumption of audio content, across genres.

Audionxt Week – The Sounds of Tomorrow will be held every day between July 26-30, from 4 pm to 4.45 pm.

This five day long e-conference is categorised under our ‘All Week’ theme. In the past, we’ve conduced several successful webinars under this umbrella, including Languages Week, Television Week, Digipub Week, CMO Week, Gaming Week and Vdonxt Week.

Audionxt Week will see representation from brands like Mirchi, Audible, HT Smartcast, Gaana, Storytel, Khabri, Big FM, IPG Mediabrands and Storytel, among others.

To see the list of confirmed speakers, please click here.

A quick look at the sessions:

DAY 1, 26 JULY

What are the factors driving the audio boom in India – and around the world?

From short video apps to streaming platforms, the acquisition and consumption of audio content in India is in the fast lane. What are the factors triggering this boom? Could it be a bubble?

DAY 2, 27 JULY

Is the future of radio digital?

Transistors are obsolete and tuning into radio on smartphones, inconvenient. In a swipe and scroll 'on-demand' era, where does radio stand? Will radio find a permanent home at the digital station?

DAY 3, 28 JULY

What explains the rapid rise of podcasts?

If Ameen Sayani’s Geetmala was a podcast then India indeed has a rich legacy in the space. Of late, this mode of storytelling has been reborn. What explains the rapid rise in the creation and consumption of podcasts? Which trends stand out?

DAY 4, 29 JULY

How local language content is driving the growth of audio consumption

While global players have dazzled the audio market with their libraries of international content, it's local creators and regional languages that will shape the future. What's next for Indian languages in the audio universe?

DAY 5, 30 JULY

Business models: will advertising continue to be the main revenue driver in the future?

Lured by the scale India offers, global players are investing in the audio market, ready to rival streaming platforms, owned by telcos and media giants, for share. Can monetisation match up? Will it be an advertising, subscription or transaction-led market?

Audionxt Week – The Sounds of Tomorrow will be held every day between July 26-30, from 4 pm to 4.45 pm. Please click here to register for the conference.