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Giving wings to hundreds of household dreams: Savita Sharma at Star FLOW

Savita Sharma from Indha Craft, delivered a speech at TOI’s Star FLOW festival, in which she shed light on her progress and the progress of Indha Craft as an organization.

Savita pointed out the dire need to empower women in what they do. Speaking about Indha’s efforts in curbing stereotypes around women, Savita says, “Our prime goal is to empower women to make decisions for themselves. Women who stay indoors with dreams to go out and accomplish things, we aim to aid them with proper assistance in pursuing their ambitions.”

Savita gives the audience a gist of what Indha stands for, and what it entails. She tells the name was crafted from a Sanskrit word that symbolizes the weight of society that women carry. “In addition to crafting home furnishing items, bags, clothes, et cetera, Indha also aims to bring out the best in society”, she says.

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