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Government may delete Twitter’s intermediary status

The social network has, until, July 4, 2022, to comply with past orders or else it faces the music.

The government of India, as per an Economic Times report, has warned Twitter India for the last time about its failure to comply with the nation’s information technology rules.

If the social media platform fails to comply by July 4, 2022, it stands to lose its status as an intermediary. Simply put, Twitter can face legal action for the content people paste on its platforms.

The Economic Times quoted a senior government official: Despite repeated notices and chances being given to them to act, Twitter continues to remain in violation. Therefore, appropriate action is being taken against it. All intermediaries that operate in India must follow the IT Rules in letter and spirit.”

The new IT laws came into effect in May 2021 and the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology had warned Twitter, to appoint a resident grievance officer, a resident chief compliance officer and a nodal contact person.

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