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IN10 Media’s EPIC readies itself for a metaverse future

‘Soch Se Aage’ to be the theme underlying brand and content positioning through a slate of brand new programming starting 16th December 2021.

IN10 Media Network’s premier infotainment channel EPIC, synonymous for pioneering premium content in the genre, will add another dimension to its offerings, by evolving its brand personality, in keeping with the times.

From 16th December, a day that redefined the subcontinent 50 years ago, EPIC will mark this evolution with a brand makeover, and a programming line-up that endeavors to grow beyond, and forge a future for infotainment; succinctly encapsulating the vision with the phrase – ‘Soch Se Aage’.

Commenting on this new journey for the brand, Aditya Pittie, Managing Director, IN10 Media Network said, “EPIC is the first Indian platform to exclusively showcase India-centric content in Hindi. EPIC will always proudly wear the tag of being India Ka Apna Infotainment. The media universe is poised on the edge of transforming into a metaverse. ‘Glocal’ is no longer just a text book phrase for the future, but the very essence of the modern audience that has explored all that is available from around the world, and is hungry for more. It is this ‘more’ that is at the heart of EPIC’s new brand philosophy and will be the cornerstone of showcasing content that is ‘Soch Se Aage’ – beyond the known universe of knowledge, ideas, and stories; into the metaverse of an exciting future that continues to celebrate India.”

The first step into this future is with a slew of exciting new programming that steps forth into this new vision while recreating the old magic of its iconic shows in a reimagined presentation.

Commemorating Vijay Diwas, the first roll-out in the line-up of fresh content is Lakshya 1971 - Vayusena Ke Veer Yoddha, that recreates the events of independent India’s most comprehensive military victory through the eyes in the sky with never-seen-before visuals and the story of the contribution of the Air Force to the war efforts. The show is anchored by Harman Singha.

Following up on it is an ode to one of India’s oldest and most loved organizations – a four part docu-series on the Indian Postal service. India Post – Dhaage Jo Desh Jode, will recount the story of the largest postal network in the world by diving backstage and experiencing the ins and outs of its workings with the people who take things from one end of the country, making them appear at another end – almost magically. Narrated by Akul Tripathi, it tells the trials and triumphs of an institution and legacy that helped build a nation.

Jugaad Mania, hosted by Chandan K. Anand, will bring alive stories of ordinary people creating extra-ordinary innovations. Thinking not just out of the box but with a vision beyond their times, with a creativity that is intrinsic to Indian-ness; they are paving the way for a future by taking small steps towards viably solving larger problems with limited resources.

Homecoming- A Nation's Fight For It’s People is a marquee show that highlights the efforts of the people and the government, as they face and overcome unprecedented challenges, and implement ambitious solutions as they unite as one nation in bringing back all the stranded Indians during the COVID-19 lockdown.

(We got this information in a press release).