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India has 481 million OTT users and 102 million paid subscriptions: Ormax Report

The latest Ormax OTT audience report estimates 13.5% growth in 2023 as compared to 20% increase in the last year.

Ormax Media, a media consulting firm has released the latest edition of Ormax OTT audience report for 2023 to size the OTT users in the country. The research, based on a sample size of 12,000 across urban and rural India, was conducted from July to September 2023.

Ormax released select findings of the report, which reveal that the Indian OTT audience is currently at 481.1 million people. This translated into a penetration of 34%. The report defines an OTT audience who watched at least one online video (free or paid) in the last one month. The report breaks this down by gender, age, NCCS, pop strata, states and cities.

Speaking about the significance of the report, Keerat Grewal, head of business development, Ormax Media, said,  “The latest edition of our annual report reveals that after the upsurge in the Indian OTT market during the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021, the growth has settled down at more moderate levels. The Indian OTT audience base grew 20% from 2021 to 2022, but has grown only 13.5% over the last one year, highlighting that the category is now past the peak growth phase it witnessed in the two preceding years."

The report also reveals that there are currently 101.8 million active paid (B2C) OTT subscriptions in India, across 36.4 million SVOD (B2C) audiences, i.e., an average of 2.8 subscriptions per paying audience member. Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru are the top 3 cities on paid subscriptions, with more than 6 million active paid subscriptions each. 

Elaborating on the findings, Grewal said, “The extensive data in this report can help OTT platforms and associated agencies take more informed strategic decisions in areas like pay vs. free strategy, TG and market selection, content and communication strategy, revenue planning, etc.”

The full report is available by subscription for streaming platforms, production companies, media agencies and other companies associated with the OTT category in India.

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