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India Today Group introduces regional AI Anchors to join Sana

The AI news anchors will cater to diverse linguistic communities across the nation.

At the 5th India Today Conclave in Mumbai on October 5, Kalli Purie, managing director, India Today Group, joined Sana, India's First AI anchor, to introduce a roster of AI anchors representing diverse regions of India. AI regional anchors will work to make news more personal and more relevant to individuals, and to make it more engaging and interesting.

The India Today Group introduced India’s First AI Anchor, Sana, in March, ushering in a new era of AI journalism. Since then, Sana has delivered 200 hours of programming, transcending various genres, languages, and platforms. In less than six months, Sana has interacted with PM Modi, anchored a dedicated segment on prime-time, and interacted with global leaders like Brad Smith of Microsoft and Shah Rukh Khan.

On the concluding day of India Today Conclave 2023 in Mumbai, Kalli Purie introduced a diverse array of AI anchors: SAIli, the AI Marathi news anchor for Mumbai Tak; AIshwarya, the Hindi anchor for UP Tak, Bharat Tak, and News Tak; NAIna, the Bhojpuri anchor on Aaj Tak 2; AIna, India's inaugural Bengali AI anchor on Aaj Tak Bangla; and JAI, the English AI anchor on India Today TV.

Speaking about the group’s AI anchors, Kalli Purie, managing director, India Today Group said, “For the first time in our group's 48-year history, we've taken a leap by creating an anchor from scratch rather than hiring one. These AI Anchors exemplify our commitment to always looking out for new tech that can enable our newsroom to deliver a richer, faster, and more personalized news experience.

The AI news anchors cater to diverse linguistic communities across the nation. They understand the local preferences in terms of content preference, dialect, culture, and language. This creates a personal connection with the audience.

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